Health and Productivity

"Almost one-half of all Americans report having a chronic illness - they account for 75% of our national spending on health care."
- Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Report

Chronic illness costs have a direct affect on an employer's cost of health care, disability, worker's compensation, increased absenteeism, lower productivity, reduced safety and morale. Many organizations are familiar with the direct costs associated with illness and lost time, but often neglect the indirect costs which can be significant. Understanding the underlying conditions driving these costs is critical to any human resource strategy.

Converting data into consistent, usable information allows for a more focused health and productivity improvement process. ROC Consulting Group solutions are built based on a collaborative approach with the employer with cost-effective solutions being developed to meet budget needs and ROI objectives. This approach can directly impact an employer's bottom line by reducing health care spending, clearly demonstrating a return on investment and improving the health status and productivity of employees. Strategies can be targeted to:

  • Health and Care Management
  • Wellness , Disease Management and Health Improvement
  • Health Care Decision Support Tools