Cost Saving Solutions

In today's world, a basic presentation of rates and benefits is not enough. Strategies around funding, contributions, and voluntary offerings are an integral part of the process. We will tailor a comprehensive benefit program specific to your organizational culture and financial objectives.

ROC Consulting Group recognizes you strive to deliver the best possible plan mix for your employees and your company while trying to reduce the overall cost of healthcare. When you are determining the appropriate mix of plans and plan options, you often have to juggle the interests of your employees and that of the company: keeping your employees well protected and delivering the cost savings vital to the financial strength of your company. Employee benefits are critical component to attract and retain employees. Without a benefits package that competes with other companies in your industry, it will be difficult to attract and retain talent. A problem with benefits is if they are not properly administered they can be a drain on profit. There are many ways employers can make the most of their employee benefit budgets using our cost saving techniques. No one size fits all, therefore ROC Consulting Group takes a holistic approach:

  • Analysis of existing benefit program to ensure it's the best possible one for your needs
  • Recommendation of plan alternatives to manage cost
  • Educate and advise on alternative funding strategies
  • Ancillary and voluntary program offerings
  • Customized proposal with carrier comparisons
  • Communication of market, carrier and plan changes
  • Proactive renewal process
  • Employee cost-sharing
  • Consult with management to develop a strategic benefit approach
  • Ensure benefit plans are being properly administered and implemented