Worklife Manager

The Next Generation of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

WorkLife Manager is the next generation of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) for small to mid-sized companies. Unlike most systems, WorkLife Manager can interface with multiple payroll vendors, integrate directly with carriers, and features unlimited storage and retention of data. The system helps to reduce administrative burdens, improve communication and facilitate effective and efficient decision making across Human Resources and employee benefit functions.

Main Highlights

High Value, Affordable Price
30% to 40% lower than the competition.

Payroll Vendor Flexibility
Interfaces with multiple payroll systems.

COBRA & Consolidated Billing
Optional services built into the system.

Streamline The Information Process
WorkLife Manager improves productivity and reduce data redundancy by managing common HR activities in one system.

HR Administration

  • Single Point of Data Entry
  • Employee Data Management
  • Benefits Enrollment & Management
  • Unlimited Data & History Retention
  • Division, Department & Location
  • Employee Hire Wizard
  • Custom Report Builder
  • Hidden Paycheck
  • Benefits Billing (Reconciliation Tool)
  • Payroll Interface

  • Company Communication Page
  • Profile Management
  • Self Service Benefits Enrollment
  • Benefit Information Access
  • Forms Library
  • Life Event Notifications
  • Dependent Management